About us

Who are we? We could blow a big soap bubble about what GroupDynamics covers. We could write about our philosophy, we could choose quotations with a nice ring to it, which would show well beside our slightly sophisticated, professionally set photos of us in suits and costumes.

This is not what GroupDynamics is about.

The GD – as we call it – is a group of counselors and trainers, who beside being bound by friendship are bound by the intention of giving something new and different to all of those who are bored by the fast-food services of the training market, by the canned trainings and by the oven-ready solutions’ flat savours.

We didn’t become trainers, to produce trainings on conveyer belts, but because we want to give. To give direction to people how to become better at what they are doing. To train good headed leaders, beside whom work is pleasure. To forge teams – presenting them with the joy of belonging together – to help companies realize their inner obstacles, with which they themselves obstruct their own development. For us, this is a pleasure, this is creation.

Of course we know all which the big training factories know, in topics as well as methodology, but we may know more than this: to pay attention to our customers, and getting to know their problems, handing them what their organization really needs.

If You, dear Reader, really want to know who we are, read our Blog: that will tell you more than any other over-composed introductory text; talk to us on Pourparler, to get to know our opinion; or Contact us, to talk to us personally and to decide if we are the ones for you.

We would be glad to get to know You.

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