The ready-made training descriptions are such models, into which personal or group needs for development or problems are forced subsequently. We do not like models, therefore we cannot/will not write down ready syllabuses. Tell us what you need and we will build up a program of development for You, which is truly just about.


Management Basics Team Leading Managerial Communication Motivation Delegation Leadership Servant Leadership Mentoring Techniques for Leaders Coaching Techniques for Leaders Performance Management Change Management Situational Leadership Feedback Techniques Managerial Self-awareness Setting Objectives Project Management Facilitating Agile Teams Facilitation Effective Meetings Time Management for Leaders Emotional Intelligence People Management Fair Dismissal Crisis Management


Self-knowledge Assertiveness Conflict Management Problem Solving Decision Making Presentation Techniques Storytelling Stress Management Williams Life Skills Dealing with Change Persuasive Communication Train the Trainer Workshop Facilitation Time Management Collaboration Interpersonal Effectiveness


Sales Techniques Advanced Sales Techniques Negotiation Techniques Client Communication Customer Service Complaint Handling