Competency Assessment

There must have been trainings at your firm too, that did not live up to your expectations. The managers wanted change, but the training was more of a pleasant relaxation than the solution to the problem: “We fooled around, although it could have been useful, too.” – say the participants, and You feel, that it was the same as giving the money away. Yet, the training-supplier in question surely gave the best of his knowledge, keeping in mind the training goals at hand.

The problem could have been caused by the inaccurate or even false definition of goals. The subjectivity of the organization often makes it impossible for us to see the real problem.

The setting up of the proper diagnosis is the first step towards the curing of the sickness. The symptomatic treatment often costs very much. Why remove somebody’s tonsils if their leg is broken? Why have a two-day training on time-management where there are basic problems with work-management and motivation. Not ten days of team-building will solve the problems of inside conflicts, which are caused by an inappropriately chosen managerial style in the working team.

There are objective means for the definition of training goals, using which even that can be exactly established what everybody needs to develop in, in order to provide the best of their knowledge.

  • The training-needs assessment and training planner instruments based on the GroupDynamics’ competence assessment is a precise instrument at Your service, so your investments into training bring the highest efficiency in the shortest time.